Differences between glass and acrilic T-W Mirror

  • Hi guys, i rencently get started to build my magic mirror. What are the differences between using an acrilic or glass two-way mirror?

  • Module Developer

    @arpippone plastic is lighter and usually cheaper to buy. It’s however not as rigid as glass and scratch a lot easier.

  • Thank you @broberg!

  • @arpippone
    I was tempted, at first, to go for the cheaper option of using acrylic… then seen various posts about distortion (fun house mirror effect) and how easily it is to scratch, and not having the same reflection of a real mirror, so did not want to go through all the hard work of setting up everything else, only to be let down by the cheaper option of acrylic… although there will be some that swear by it. - As my dear old Gran always said… Buy cheap, Buy twice!

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