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News Feed

  • Hi everyone!

    I’m trying to use 2 news feed’s module (one at the bottom left, and the other at the bottomb right)
    The problem is that they get mixed as I have a small screen (19’’)
    Is there any option to wrap the news feed text?

    Kind regards

  • Hi,
    If you have a small screen, I suggest you use only one module (bottom_left for example) and in the configuration (config.js) just add your different sources (see the copy/paste of the documentation here under:

    config: {
    			// The config property is optional.
    			// If no config is set, an example calendar is shown.
    			// See 'Configuration options' for more information.
    			feeds: [
    					title: "New York Times",
    					url: "",
    					title: "BBC",
    					url: "",

    Does it answer your question ?

  • @schnibel Yes, it was my first idea, but as one feed is for news and the other for tweets I need to have them in different modules. I’ve just fixed by puting one over the other.

    Kind regards!

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    @pepemujica have you tried adding

    .newsfeed {
    width: 200px;

    To your custom.css?

  • @broberg I’ll try that when I arrive at home. Thanks!

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