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Get URL from Newsfeed (full article)

  • How do I get the url of the full article of the shown newsfeed?

    var title = this.newsItems[this.activeItem].title;

    I get the headline of the newsfeed.


    var description = this.newsItems[this.activeItem].description;

    I get the description of the newsfeed.


    var url = this.newsItems[this.activeItem].url;

    does not show anything.

    With this URL I want to open the full article of the newsfeed. What do I wrong?

    Greetings from Thuringia/Germany

  • Moderator

    Which newsfeed are you using? Did you open your newsfeed in a browser to see if there is an entry with url or link?

    fetcher.js does this:

    var url = item.url || || "";

    So if you use the default news feed you see there is an entry link as a child node of item. Maybe your newsfeed uses something other than url or link?

  • Hi yawns.

    I am using these newsfeeds and
    I see no difference between the default newsfeed and my.

    So I myself have tried the default newsfeed and it also won’t work.

    If I put out the url to log information

    var url = this.newsitems[this.activeItem].url;"Article_URL " + url);

    the browser provide this information: Article_URL undefined.

  • Ok.

    I’ve solved the problem. There wasn’t a url decleration in my fetcher.js.
    I put it in to the fetcher.js an it works very well now.
    Thanks for your help.

    Great forum.

    Greetings from Thuringia/Germany