Adding a background video?

  • Hey all!

    I was helping a mate of mine set up his magic mirror the other day and he asked me an interesting question: Instead of having a black background is it possible to have a video play in the background? IF it’s possible how would this be achieved?

    Kind regards,

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    @Anthony_Haddad my first thought was if background-image could handle this, but no go. Unless you convert it to a humongous GIF.

    But MM2 can handle the HTML video tag, and supports some videoformats, so here is the freshly baked basic htmlvideo player module!

  • @broberg Thanks so much, I will install it soon as possible because I’m quite busy at the moment with school. Sorry, but would it be also possible to have like a playlist of videos playing?

    Much appreciated!


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    @Anthony_Haddad I think @wizz is trying that now :)

  • @Anthony_Haddad @broberg Soon i will try that and report on how it works.

  • Came on here today and first thing I see is

    Which simply made me go ‘wow’!..

    Second post I open is this one… Double WOW!

    @broberg will yours be able to do what the Daptly does, as in Curated videos? Exactly what will yours play, and can it be used in a smaller zone as like the Daptly video above?
    Is it just streaming online video or can yours play from external source - HDD /Nas / ect.

    I quite like the idea of having a small News Player playing away.


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    @johnnyboy It’s not advance enough to handle live streams as we hoped, the html video is limited to what the browser can play, so for Chrome that is H.264 in MP4, Theora and Vorbis in Ogg, and VP8 and Vorbis in WebM (source :

    You can play files from anywhere, no restrictions as long as it is a file and not a live stream (that requires m3u8 or similar)

    You can place the module anywhere and use css to set the size of the videoclip.

  • @broberg

    That sounds just perfect bud… i have Globe on bottom centre so would substitute that with yours… perfect place and size, with simple logo on either side.

    Now, when you say i could play any file, im assuming you mean .avi .mp4 and such likes?

    My MM will be hard wired to the internet, so obviously will be part of my home network of 5 PC’s, and will also have access to my “beast” PC in my computer room that contains around 5TB of films and music ect, that also acts as a NAS type for the other PC’s to access all the films/music/pics ect… so my question is… could i get yours to play what files i have on my beast, and if so is this jist the same way as i normaly do by just pointing yours to my network/beast/films folder?

    I know your saying HTML5 and through a browser… but just trying to see if this can also be used for what i said above, and if no, is there something that can?


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    @johnnyboy as long as the MM2 browser can play it then yes, other than the formats listed in the link I don’t know, you have to try it and see.

  • @broberg I have a MP4 video saved on the Pi, I configured the ‘VideoSRC’ with the path of the video and it wouldn’t play, is it due to it only being able to play html videos from the web?

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