Gesture and voice interactive mirror with Alexa

  • Hey MM Community,

    I made a gesture and voice interactive mirror with Amazon Alexa. Check it out:


    My first experiments with a smart mirror were because of this project and community, and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve pursued that passion full time. I can’t thank Michael and everyone else enough for that. Even though our project grew beyond the MagicMirror code, we probably wouldn’t be here otherwise.

    If you’re interested and want to learn more, you can watch our launch video and find us at Happy to answer any questions anyone has.

  • @konnorbeard

    Nice… Very nice ;-)

  • Moderator

    Wow, looks very good. Is this still based on Michaels nodejs framework? Or did you use another technology? I guess it is not running on a pi any more, is it? I can’t see any lagging or delays, so I guess you chose something stronger than an raspberry pi.

  • @yawns

    Yeah, my first thoughts were - no way is a Pi behind this… MM is really great and all, but the Pi does lack some on the Oooomph side eh?

  • Moderator

    Then we had the same first impression. :)

  • @yawns @johnnyboy It’s not based on Michael’s code anymore, but our v1 used MM and a pi. Exactly as you both mentioned, we just needed a little more oomph in several areas.

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