Noob Help!

  • Sorry in advanced for all this really bad thread thingy, I am a complete noob in need of help.
    I have recently installed the MM2 beta software and have no idea how to use it therefore have a few questions:
    How do I launch the software as just a once off (Not set it to boot on startup)?
    Also, (and this is probibally where I am being an idiot) I have renamed the deafult config.js file yet when I launch the index html file all I get is a black screen. What am I doing wrong?
    Any help is much appreciated

  • Moderator

    Did you by chance follow the official guide on how to install it? MM2 has been out of beta for a bit now, so if that’s what you have, I recommend starting over. When done properly on the right hardware, MM will come up without you needing to open up any html file.

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