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  • Been looking at this magic mirror as a project to do with my youngest son (he’s eight years old). At the moment I only have a spare Raspi 1 B+. So I can’t install everything in 1 go.

    So I was wondering, isnt’ it easier if I just use an online website? To display behind the mirror? Or am I missing something?


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    The MagicMirror basically is just a website, but interactive and with connections to other systems, with the ability to gather information and such.
    If you find an online website which meets all your requirements, then of course you could just point your browser in kiosk (full screen, no tool bars, no menu, …) mode and be happy with it.

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    @elegantchaos that is what MM is basically, it’s a webserver and webbrowser all in one. You can run the MM2 as server only and then access it from another browser on any other device.

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    @broberg @yawns beat me to it :D

  • That makes sense. If I want to do more than display a site, like connect a camera and stuff like that, I should use the MM2.

    Thanks for your response

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