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  • i have a 19 inch tv. does the mirror size have to be the same as the monitor?
    or can i have a mirror that is 32 inch and the same monitor (19 inch) but is it possible to place modules on the whole mirror. or the modules are going to be only where the monitor is placed. i plan to use mirror foil + a monitor (19 inch)

  • @davidrq7

    You will only be able to place modules within the monitor…
    You can get any sized mirror you want, but you will then have to “Black out” the area not covered by the monitor, or you will get light bleeding through from behind.

    You can use black paper/craft cardboard to cover the part that monitor does not cover the mirror.

  • @johnnyboy thx man

  • @davidrq7

    I went to my local craft shop and seen they had 1m long x 600mm wide x 2mm thick black(flexible) cardboard for artists…

    i cut out the size of my monitor from the centre… adding 5mm all round to allow for the 5mm lip that is on outside of the actual screen - you see this margin when monitor is off - and used Black Permanant marker pen to blacken my cut edges… placed this within my frame on top of mirror, placed monitor on top, and it looks perfect from the front… even though my monitor is around 4" shorter on top/bottom and 1 1/2" from edges.


  • I cut the black card to suit size of mirror… then i cut the centre to match the monitor… only the front of the card is black.

    I used a craft knife, and a long straight edge piece of wood, for a cleaner/straighter cut, then used the black marker pen to color the white cut edges.

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