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  • Hello,
    finally got my MagicMirror running (will add some photos in the next few days) - next step is to activate the MMM-PIR-Module - but it seems that there is a small problem with my setup.

    As I did not want to see any electronics with my mirror on the wall I needed to hide the PIR Sensor. I decided not to use a PIR Sensor. Instead I got a microwave motion detector that is mounted behind the glass. It works perfectly through the glass regarding to the indicator LED on the board.

    Now the problem is:
    The output signal of the motion sensor is high if there is no motion detected and is low if motion is detected.

    I think the MMM-PIR Module switches the monitor on if the GPIO pin becomes high - so my display is always on.

    is there a way to use my Sensor with the MMM-PIR-Module?

    Thank you for any help

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