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Updated MMM and MMM-PIR, Monitor turns on and stays black

  • Hi there,

    I really like this Project, and after having it on my Desk for a while reminding me to do some Updates (Magic Mirror itself and the PIR-Module), unfortunately switching to PM2 for autostart in the same Process, I’m Stuck on the problem, that the Monitor starts getting a Signal, once the motion is detected, but the only thing I’m able to see is de working Backlight.
    If i do a reboot, evrything is working, as long as the Monitor stays on. After being switched off an on by the PIR-Module, it stays black except the Backlight comming up.

    Any Hints welcome !


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    @H1ghtower sounds like a screensaver issue since the monitor actually turns on

  • Hey!

    Deactivate screensaver if not done yet.
    That may be a cause.

    How do you controll the display? Are you using a command like /opt/vc/nin/tvservice -o and /opt/vc/nin/tvservice -p or just tvservice -o?

    And is the display connected via hdmi?

    If that’s the case you could try the following:

    In /boot/config.txt add hdmi_blanking=1 and reboot. Now try HDMI Output OFF with vcgencmd display_power 0 and HDMI Output ON with vcgencmd display_power 1 instead of the command above.

    Descript here. 🙂

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