Not again PIR

  • And again me ;). I can not see how my MagicMirror can work so far with my ignorance ok not really Ignorance but Noob, Noob, and for Luck I got Help from her e (THX Mykle1). But now I dont now what really happend, Ihave an PIR 501 and worked really fine with the Module MMM-PIR-Sensor. But now after I put all together in my Frame the Monitor goes off after 2 minuets but turns on b himself after ca. 30 seconds.That never happend befor I had it “free air”. Ok maybe its one or athe module wiche works not together. BTW. I am using a Raspbery PI 3. Edit the Monitor now doesnt turn off :(

  • @Damian Thank you, now I got me a Ferrit Bead but it still dont not work. Maybe my coding or my cabling is wrong.

    //		{
    		module: 'MMM-PIR-Sensor',
    		config: {
    			// See 'Configuration options' for more information.
    	sensorPIN: 22,
                                    powerSaving: true

  • Now that I deleted and reinstalled the module a new problem shows up . After I put the code In my config.js the Monitor stays black after the reboot. I testet the PIR its not broken.

  • Problem solved :)

  • @xeroxu

    How did you manage the fix what was wrong? thank you

  • @Damian I did after i checked the PIR a new npm install in the MM-PIR-Sensor Folder and changed the Sensor Pin to 25 (its the GPIO PIN) wrong thinking thats why I am a Noob ;)

  • @xeroxu said in Not again PIR:

    wrong thinking thats why I am a Noob

    Me too but i learn here by reading everything and try to understand better. thank you for reply it will help me too

  • @Damian no prob. im learning from reading and asking?

  • And again after two days the mirror did what he wants . I was nearly at that Point to throw all away and start fom beginning. Baut then i tried a thing , I disabled Bluetooth AND WLAN. And did it that way:

    //sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf
    blacklist brcmfmac
    blacklist brcmutil
    blacklist cfg80211
    blacklist rfkill
    blacklist btbcm
    blacklist hci_uart

    And after that a Reboot and

    //sudo systemctl disable hciuart

    and another reboot .

    This works, I hope longer then 2 Days ;)

    Now I have to work with the Ethernetport and gonna try it with an USB Wlan Dongle

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