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Newbie MM Network Scanner Problems!! Installations & Syntax Error

  • Hy, Super Neewbie has Problem.

    When i copied this:

            module: 'MMM-NetworkScanner',
            position: 'top_left', 
            config: {
                devices: [
                        { ipAddress: "", name: "Github", icon: "globe"},
                        { macAddress: "1a:1b:1c:1a:1b:1c", name: "Server", icon: "server"},
                        { macAddress: "2a:2b:2c:2a:2b:2c", name: "Desktop", icon: "desktop"},
                        { ipAddress: "", name: "Laptop", icon: "laptop"},
                        { macAddress: "4a:4b:4c:4a:4b:4c", name: "Mobile", icon: "mobile"},
                showUnknown: false,
                showOffline: true,
                keepAlive: 300,
                updateInterval: 5
                residents: "Mobile",
                occupiedCMD: {notification: 'REMOTE_ACTION', payload: {action: 'MONITORON'}},
                vacantCMD  : {notification: 'REMOTE_ACTION', payload: {action: 'MONITOROFF'}},

    Then i have Problems with the Config File and Syntax Error.
    Is the Problems with this: Install the dependencies (sudo, ping):???

    I dont Understand this, and i havent do this! And google cant help.

    Can anywhere help me?
    Thank you very much.

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    @michael_klatt You are missing a comma after updateInterval: 5

    it should be updateInterval: 5,

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