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Module to show an PDF document on the MM2

  • I would like to show a shiftplan, which is a .PDF document i regularly receive from my company on the MM2. So everybody in my family would see when i have to go working. i could transfer this infromation t a calendar but thats a lot of work and for me compleetely sensless.
    Any idea how to solve or anybody that can develop such a module?

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    @reneSwiss I don’t think chromium has support to view a pdf.

    Simplest route to take would be to convert the pdf to a jpeg image. And then display the jpeg on the mirror.

  • sound’s bad.
    I’m only woundering that, if i call a link to a .pdf in the browser, the content is shown. To me this means, that chromium does support pdf. Am i wrong?
    The solution to convert to jpg is what i do at the moment, but it would be much more confortable to directly show the pdf.

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    @reneSwiss do note chrome and chromium is not exatly the same however.

    Most normal browsers have a built in viewer for pdf, but if you are trying to display it on MM2 that is made on electron that uses chromium I’m fairly certain it doesn’t display pdf documents. Byt I could be wrong, can’t test it since I’m not at home.

    Edit, looks like electron 1.6.4 and above have support for pdf viewing.

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