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fatal: could not create work tree dir 'MagicMirror'.: Read-only file system

  • I get this error while running the command

    bash -c "$(curl -sL"

    that I got from the GitHub repo. This happens right after I get the notification that says
    “Note.js installation Done!
    Cloning MagicMirror…”

    Any advice on how to fix this? I’m not familiar much with linux so any help is appreciated 🙂

  • @Iron_Reptar Just for fun I decided to try to rerun the command again, and it first said that “dpkg was interrupted.” so I ran
    sudo dpkg --configure -a
    Like the screen told me to, then re-re-ran it, to arrive at the error "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1).
    Help, all I want is a working mirror 😞

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