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Calendar - Use calendar form local file system

  • Hello,
    thanks for that wonderfull system with this greate modules.
    I have a question to the module calendar.
    Have some ics files on my local hard drive and I want to see them in the mirror. I tried to add the calender in the configuration als url: “/home/sebastian/mylocalcalendar.ics”

    Unfortunatelly this doesn’t work. Is there a simple way to use local calendars?

  • @coolchip

    I think?

    Probably wrong tho.

    Need to use a HTML address to access local.

    Port 8080.

  • @coolchip , yes this can be done easily by serving it up via http.

    My 2nd calendar entry looks like this:
    symbol: ‘birthday-cake’,
    url: ‘webcal://localhost:8080/modules/birthdays/birthdays.ics’

    That may not be the best location to put it, but I wasn’t able to get it read from outside of /modules.

  • Thank you very much! ❤

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