Kodi Control

  • Hi, MagicMirror Community!

    In my Bathroom also runs a Kodi Player with OpenElec 6.0.3.
    It would be nice, to have a MMM-Kodi Module with these functions:

    --> control via json
    --> activate kodi via (Homematic/CuxD) and deactivate kodi if no motion detected with PIR module
    --> view in left corner the currently playing title
    --> right corner Playlist 
    --> "lower third" Position Lyrics from Kodi
    --> Kodi Control Interface (realize with Touch or maybe i use Buttons, Vol +-, next, stop)

    Thank you very much for your inputs.

    best regards

  • Moderator

    I thought about this not too long ago, but then I decided I really don’t need any more interfaces in my house to control/watch Kodi. It’s on my phone, on my tablet, and on any of the various computers throughout the house. The reality is, I don’t stand in front of my mirror long enough to care to find out what’s playing or to control Kodi (or Plex for that matter.)

    However, what you are proposing is certainly possible. Kodi does have a back-end interface that you can tap into should you decide to take on this project yourself: http://kodi.wiki/view/JSON-RPC_API

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