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Run JavaScript if a file is created

  • Might be wise to incorporate some AJAX into this, no? Having PHP check the file, etc and then pass the results / message back to JS.

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    Not necessarily:
    MM² module --> node_helper --> php --> node_helper --> MM² module

  • @KirAsh4 This is awesome!

    I would just put this in my JS file, right? I’m currently sending the following command through Tasker to the Pi so I think I’m good.

    touch curr-train.txt

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    Earlier you mentioned you using PHP, so I kept it in the loop. Use node_helper to call the PHP script. Let the PHP script check for the file and report back to node_helper which in turn reports to the module.

  • @KirAsh4 OK, so my PHP script is actually index.php, it’s effectively the page that loads and is my Mirror. In that file I have a reference to the JS file which runs the mta code.


    So would I put the following in the PHP page? (sorry if I sound dumb here)

    var prev_datestamp = 0;
    var expire_time = 15 * 60 * 1000; // 15 minutes
    // run every five minutes
    if (file exists) {
      if (file.datestamp > previous_datestamp) {
        previous_datestamp = file.datestamp;
      } else if (now > file.datestamp + expire_time) {

  • @KirAsh4 for reference here’s the full index.php file


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    Oy, why do it that way … your index.php will never get updated if there’s an upstream change in the code (because we use index.html). You should use the existing infrastructure in MM². Create a new module, have it display in a specific region on the mirror. Every 5 minutes, have the module refresh by doing a call to its node_helper. The node_helper can be a simply python script that checks the specific file in question and reports back to the module.

    I thought the PHP script was doing something … it’s not in this case. You don’t need PHP at all for this.

    Some places to look for coding ideas:
    MM² Module Development Documentation
    Look at how modules such as the calendar and newsfeed implement a node_helper which does the background tasks

    You could still use PHP to do the file checking for you, but to me that’s a bit of an unnecessary overhead.

  • @KirAsh4 LOL - I’m just lost these days with all of this stuff. I should stick to my DB work.

    Let me see what I can do with the module documentation, it would be a good experience anyway to learn.

  • @KirAsh4 Just out of curiosity, if I were to add the code you provided into the PHP file, would i need to bracket it with ``

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    This is hard to answer because I don’t know what your PHP file looks like. I don’t know if you are echo-ing HTML data, or using HEREDOC? I’m flying blind here … (as much fun as that could be)