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Calendar module - https URL

  • Hi all,

    A question about URL integration for calendar module, I add my personnal google calendar in Config.js file. URL starts with ‘…’.
    By replacing all URL setting value it works well but I don’t understand why sample is defined by ‘webcal://’ and replaced in calendar parser after : “calendar.url = calendar.url.replace(“webcal://”, “http://”);”?
    Is this replace have mandatory reasons?

    Thanks for your answer and for your work !

  • Moderator

    The webcall:// protocol triggers an external handler to handle the information (such as iCal), whereas the http:// (or https://) handler will simply download the .ics file, which is what we need to then process.

  • Hi,

    Coming back from holidays, thanks a lot for your answer!
    If I understand well, by using “webcall” I’m not going to download .ics file but just parse it. And by using “https” I’m going to download file and parse local file. Question is, how this downloaded file is managed? Where is it? How many space of all version of this file will be used?

    I think I’ll try to come back to the external handler by modifying .replace function…
    I’m coming back if necessary, thanks again.

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