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Getting keyboard input

  • I’ve started working on a set of modules where a user can chat with the mirror via keybaord input and get responses from some kind of neural network ai. I’m running into a brick wall on getting keyboard input. Right now I’m using an inputbox but keypresses don’t seem to show up in it. I know a little python but webdev and javascript is new to me. Here is the very basic code I have so far and thanks for the help!

    Module.register("keyboard", {
        getDom: function() {
            var wrapper = document.createElement("div");
            var form = document.createElement("form");
            var inputbox = document.createElement("input");
            inputbox.setAttribute("type", "text");
   + " worked.");
            return wrapper;

  • Did you find a solution? I will make a new post because I have the same issue.

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