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MMM-GrafanaCharts and MMM-GrafanaGauges: Display you data with Charts and Gauges. Beautifully.

  • @planet4 What other problems did grafana give you? I am also using the mmm hass component to pull in sensor date but maybe I will switch to mmm mqtt. I really wanted to show some nice graph though. Also how did you build the total solar energy sensor saving in hass? I build it in graphana following someones tutorial,

  • edit reposted to be in same thread…

    Have been using this module for a couple of years now without any problems. Yesterday I upgraded my Grafana server and discovered they had implemented a security change where you had to allow_embedded=true. After doing this change I was back on track again, except that I can only see my GrafanaGauges when I point my browser to my MagicMirror IP, it does not show up on the MM screen itself. I see it takes it places and all modules around aligns perfectly around it, but the content onscreen is blank/black. Have been troubleshooting everything from both Grafana side and MagicMirror side. It will not show up on the screen only when I point my browser to the MM, then I see the screen with all content as it should…
    Now I am clueless… Not sure if this is module-specific or content from Grafana that does it. My next step to try som iFrame modules to show the same content…
    Any ideas?


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    Case closed.
    With no errors what so ever from the MM side, everything seemed to work normal. Either MM or the modules I tried did not resolve FQDN names… ! (MM is configured with two local DNS servers) I think this should be reported in some of the logs on MM… Nothing.
    I figured it out when I did a lsof on my Grafana server and there were no connection from the MM there… Only my own pc… LOL

    Well, back in business again after some hours troubleshooting… Probably learnt a thing or two also along the way.

    I tried with another module capable of showing iframes. Same problem there. It refuses to show the content on the MM monitor only on a browser from another computer. There everythings shows up as normal.
    Even removed all other modules sharing the same position as this one.

    I am stuck…

  • Hello, thanks for your module!

    I would use the bar graph? Both vertical and horizontal?
    it’s possible ? If not, do I want to add this function? Thanks so much again for the module!

  • Does anyone know if anything happened to dev? I haven’t seen anything from him on the internet since 2018.

    Is this project dead?

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