MagicMirror² v2.13.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.


  • Description:

    MMM-Strava allows you to view your Strava activity data right on your MagicMirror.

    The module currently displays the following information:

    • The number of activities for the period.
    • The total distance for the period.
    • The total number of achievements (recent period only).

    In addition you can configure the following options

    • Which period to display stats for your activities: Recent (last 4 weeks), year to date or all time
    • Which activities (and the order activities) should be displayed.
    • The units (miles/kilometres) used to display the total distance for each activity


    Auto-rotating table

    Chart mode


    Change log:


    • Initial Version


    • Added option to rotate through the different periods (auto_rotate).
    • Added option to set the interval between rotations (updateInterval).
    • Added chart mode option to display last weeks activity as per Strava profile


    • Added German translations (thanks @fewieden)
    • Added localisations for chart labels


    • Added locale option to overide global config.language


    • Improved bar heights in chart mode
    • Added option to show elevation in table mode (thanks @khassel)
    • Add support for multiple athletes (thanks @khassel)
    • Added Hungarian translation (thanks @peet86)
    • Added Indonesian translation (thanks @slametps)


    • Internal fixes to improve performance, logging and documentation
    • Support for private activities


    • Include virtual rides in chart mode


    • Internal fixes


    • Show elevation in minor units (metres/feet)

    2.0.0 (BETA)

    See (


    • Support for changes to the Strava oAuth model.
    • Statistics displayed in table mode are configurable via the stats option.
    • period option is now supported in chart mode.
    • Multiple instances of the module should now be supported.


    • Bug fixes for token refresh issues.


    • Adds a BETA chartType option to toggle between classic bar chart and radial histogram

  • An option has been added to determine whether the module should automatically rotate through the different periods (auto_rotate), and the interval between rotations (updateInterval).

    Auto-rotating table

    Note: To add this feature to your mirror, you’ll need to update your module. Follow these instructions.

  • An updated version of the module is now available which includes the option to display your last weeks activity in a more graphical format (similar to how it is displayed on your Strava profile).

    Chart mode

    To enable this feature on your mirror,

    • The MMM-Strava module should be installed (or updated)
    • The mode: "chart" option should be added to your config.js file

    Note if the new mode option is not included (or set if it is not set to chart) the classic table layout will be used.

  • @ianperrin Hi, I add Strava rotate like below, but only this module stopped(blank) after 7 hours running. all modules still running well, but Strava, please suggest a hint to solve this issue, thank you very much.


    		        module: 'MMM-Strava',
    			position: 'top_right',
    			header: 'STRAVA ACTIVITY',
            		config: {
                			strava_id: 'xxxxxxx',
                			access_token: 'xxxxxxxxxx',
    				auto_rotate: true

  • @iMAGiC are you able to share the contents of your log at the time the module stopped refreshing?

  • @ianperrin sorry for late reply, it was quite busy this week, I will try it again in this week.
    btw, could this module run and show two people record? for ex. one for me, one for my wife.

  • @iMAGiC said in Strava:

    @ianperrin sorry for late reply, it was quite busy this week, I will try it again in this week.
    btw, could this module run and show two people record? for ex. one for me, one for my wife.

    The module doesn’t currently support multiple people. However you could try adding the module twice to your config.js file.

  • @ianperrin
    I tried that(add twice), both aren’t show any record.

  • @ianperrin add twice will cause 2 modules won’t work. and after I tested in an all new Raspbian Jessie installation, it still happen abnormal flashing in rotate mode or stop showing anything after 10 mins or more, but every time happened.
    in pm2 log won’t show anything error on this module. I will turn it to no rotate mode anyway.

  • @ianperrin I made a video for saying abnormal flashing in table rotate mode, if like like to see it.