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problem with ipWhitelist in MMM-Remote-Control

  • Hello again!
    I took the advice of ‘cowboysdude’ from the last topic that I post and decided to create my own prototype of the magicmirror - I included some modules and they worked really well, but when I tried ‘‘MMM-Remote-Control’’ I had a problem with the remote control vie mobile - it gives me ‘‘connection not allowed - check config.js’’ - here is my
    ipWhitelist in my config.js :

    ipWhitelist: [“”, “::ffff:”, “::1”,"::ffff:"]

    i tried like that as well
    ipWhitelist: [“”, “::ffff:”, “::1”,"::ffff:"]

    and like that:
    ipWhitelist: [“”, “::ffff:”, “::1”, “::fff:”]

    • I saw form one tutorial “::fff:” allow Magic Mirror form to .

    Still nothing works!
    Can you help me with that request - thank you for the support and have a great time developing your MagicMirrors 🙂

  • Module Developer

    @Barbarian said in problem with ipWhitelist in MMM-Remote-Control:

    What is your ip range? Because you are using two different ones, 192.168.100.x and 192.168.1.x I thougth ::fff: means from to, but I could be wrong. Have you tried to enter your own ip address only?

  • yep - the first modification that I tried " ipWhitelist: [“”, “::ffff:”, “::1”,"::ffff:"]" was with the IP of my mobile phone 🙂

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