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Brightness Issues

  • Not sure if this is an issue with Electron or the application itself, but I’ve found that whenever the Magic Mirror is in the foreground, the whole brightness of the screen dims. If another window is in the foreground, however, (with the Magic Mirror still visible and in full screen, simply with another window on top of it) the brightness returns to normal.

    Additionally, when CTRL+TAB is held, the brightness increases to higher than normal.

    Everything mentioned only occurs when the Mirror application is in Full Screen mode.

    I cannot get screenshots of this, as it does not occur over VNC, but on HDMI-connected monitors.

    Has anyone else noticed this issue, and does anyone have an idea as to how to solve it?

  • Moderator

    There isn’t anything within MagiMirror that would do that. I don’t know that Electron does either to be honest with you, but I could be wrong. For screen captures, use 'scrot' from a command line on the rpi (don’t use VNC, use SSH to get on it and issue the command there):

    $ scrot /home/pi/screenshot.png

    You’ll end up with a PNG file of the whole screen.

  • since it’s only visible on hdmi connection check if your screen have some sort of auto-contrast/brightness mode activated or something like that. Never experienced this behaviour. Check with another display to make sure?

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