Minutely Rain forecast (for Germany)

  • Well hello there!
    I live in Germany and am building my own mirror.
    I know there are quite some weather modules around but I have seen only one with a 2-3 hour rain forecast with to-the-minute data, that is forecast.io. Unfortunately the Darksky API doesn’t support minutely data for Germany.
    There are two great apps for Android, “Buienalarm (NL)” / “Drops (DE, discontinued)” and “Regen Vorschau”. Both have a great graph implemented with a 2-hour rain forecast in 5-minute steps.
    You can also see the principle here: https://dropsonline.de/location/moers-nordrheinwestfalen-deutschland
    For me, this would be one of the most helpful modules around.
    As said, forecast.io and the darksky API are very good but don’t help here unfortunately.

    Anyone able to help me?

    Thanks, Dirk

  • Here you will find some info about Buienalarm/Drops Github.
    Hope this will be what you are looking for.

  • Thanks for the great hint @pjkoeleman !
    I have forked this and with a minor tweak it’s also possible to scrape german weather data.

    Now I just need to figure out how to put this in a graph as a MM module.
    If anyone can give me a hint for how to draw graphs, I’d highly apreciate it.

  • That halleluja was a bit too fast.
    For some reason the 2-hour forecast does not work anymore for Germany.
    Stuck on some data starting at 14:55 and does not seem able to update anymore (same with the app, by the way).
    But this may be too off-topic now.

  • @lavolp3
    Think dropsonline.de is offline, not working for me also.
    At this moment (11:18) I see the info for the period 15:00 till 17:00 hours. Try the dutch site Buienealarm.nl

  • @pjkoeleman
    Now here’s the thing.
    The dutch site forwards to the german site if I use german cities. Leading me to the known problems.
    The dutch APP (android app) however is able to show current data for a german location, at least close to the border (Moers in this case).

    I would need to find a way to scrape the data from the server the dutch site uses. The scraper unfortunately doesn’t find anything for german cities.

    There is a gist for the scraper with more explanation
    However, until now it seems to be too complex for me to find out how to use it for my needs.

    Do you happen to have an idea?

  • @lavolp3 said in Minutely Rain forecast (for Germany):

    Do you happen to have an idea?

    Sorry at the moment I have not studied this. when I have time I can give it a try.