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Problem to receive 433 Mhz, transmit ist working

  • Hello everybody,
    first: my MagicMirror works fine.
    second: sorry for my english.
    third: my problem
    But if i try to receive (via Shell) Information from 433 Mhz, i don´t get any responce.
    Sending works without any problems.
    All (receiver-modul and transmitter-modul) are connected correct.
    On my second PI (without MagicMirror) sending and receiving works perfect.
    Is there something special with receiving when MM is installed? I´m using standard-ports (GPIO27 and GPIO17) like most descriptions on the Internet.

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    No the MM software shouldn’t affect the OS, or functionality of the OS. Are you using the same transmitter with both Raspberrys? or do they have one each? (defective transmitter? defective wiring?)

    Are you using the same distribution of the OS on both PI’s? are they both the same version? (1-2-3-zero?)

  • Hello broberg,

    yes i plugged the transmitter in my second pi and i received signals. Then i plugged it in my “mirror”-Pi and i can´t receive anything. On both Pi´s i installed the same OS.
    I´m thinking that something i installed on my “mirror”-Pi is guilty for my problems.
    I used the same Pins and sending is no problem.

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