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Calling a Module from Web

  • Dear, I am new at web development and also in MM, this is the reason why I need help to understand how I can call from Web(php) a specific module from a RespberyPi in the same network. For instance, I am trying to use the remote control to change the position of calendar trough another computer using the Web(I am developing the web page to control it).
    Best regards,
    Renato Sellmer

  • Module Developer

    @rsellmer First, There is already a module for that purpose - MMM-Remote-Control.
    Second, You should allow remote IP for your remote computer. See the IPwhitelist in your config.
    Last, you need to develop Listenter Module for your purpose by yourself. That module could listen some port(maybe 8080) and hook the request and parse it, then do something. Maybe front could be built with PHP, however controlling MM itself should be built with nodejs, unless your goal is not just modifying config.js

  • @Sean Thank you very much for your answer. It is exactly what I need. Understand how to use the MMM-Remote-Control with a web browser. I believe that I have to create the front end with PHP and use nodejs to call the MMM-Remote-Control, right ? If you have any example I appreciate that.

  • Module Developer

    @rsellmer MMM-Remote-Control already has front-UI. You don’t need to make another UI for it.
    See the MMM-Remote-Control first.

  • @Sean Let me try to explain to you. I have 2 mirrors in my house, one is in the room and another one in the bedroom, ok ? Through the web browser I want select one mirror or another and control the MMM-Remote-Control for this one which I selected and I want to use a new front end and just call the functions from the MMM-Remote-Control passing the parameters, is this possible ?

  • Module Developer

    If you install MMM-Remote-Control in both Mirrors, (assume; is for room, is for bedroom), you can access each of them by and can control each.
    But I guess, you seem to need a new interface for your own.(maybe… for family?). It is unsure how to be able with MMM-Remote-Control. I think, If it could, it might be limited so what.
    Anyway, you can build a new module for that purpose by yourself. Good luck! 😃

  • @Sean Thank you very much for your help.

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