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How to position output from one modul to 2 different display areas

  • Hi, I try to get in the magic of Web programming and need help in positioning output of my own written MagicMirror modules.
    I’ve written a module which receive information from my home automation system (pimatic). The information to display is a notification board which I would like to postion at ‘top_center’. A second information is a bunch of temperatures which I would like to place anywhere else on the monitor (e.q.‘bottom_left’). Currently I solved the issue by sending the second block of information to a second module. This module is registered in MM config.json including the position parameter ‘bottom_left’. But to write a second modul just to position the output of my main modul is not very efficient!

    How can I control positioning of output to different display areas directly from my main modul?

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    You could code a config-option of to what to display and then make two instances of the same module with different positions. OR you could make the module fullscreen (using for an example position fullscren_below or fullscreen_above as positions).

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