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MagigMirror on Airtame!

  • Module Developer

    Hi all!
    Just wanted you all to know that you CAN actually use an Airtame to display the mirror!
    If you setup a “serveronly” instance of MM and then point your Airtame’s “Homescreen Backround” to a website and enter the URL to your MM (Server) there. It shows up!

    Of course you cant have any “touch” functionality and other “intelligence” on the Airtame. But if you just want to display stuff without interaction directly on the device it works great! You can also still use the “MMM-Remote” module to control what’s displayed on the device of course. Or why not MMM-Scheduler… 🙂

    I have tried this on an Airtime running with firmware version 3.0.0-b6.


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