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  • Hi everyone,

    It’s been a while since I’ve discovered MagicMirror and tried it but the time has come for me to made a module myself.

    Please excuse me for my level of english.

    For those who don’t know, Deezer is a french streaming music plateform similar to Spotify.

    My goal is to make a really simple player with a few buttons, a progress bar and a field with the title, the artist and the album of the song which is played on.

    A lot of documentation and templates are available en deezer’s website for dev’s :

    To make my module I’ve done some kind of reverse engineering. I took a sample of a player available on deezer’s website ( put it into an html file and validate that it was working fine.
    Then I started to “transpose” this piece of html (and js) into a Standard MM module.
    I’ve been struggling with a few things that I finally handled.
    But now I’m stuck and I need some help :).
    My module is loading well and is ready to play but I can’t start playing a song while clicking on the “Loved songs” button and I don’t know why…

    Here is the github of my projet :

    At the moment the integration is pretty bad but I first want to make it work. You’ll certainly find some crazy things inside my code, I’m still learning how to code…

    You’ll find on the github the html file (deezer.html) that I used to start with.

    One more thing, you have to be connected on Deezer with the machine executing the code to make it work.

    Hope you’ll be able to help me 🙂



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