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Syntax Error on Mail Module

  • Hi everyone,

    I am very new to this. I have worked through a number of configuration challenges I have had but this final one has eluded me.

    I am trying to get my email to display on MM. I have followed the instruction for the module but I guess I have missed something. I get a syntax error on the config file when I launch MM.

    Here is the part of my config that is giving me the problem.

    		module: "email",
                    position: "bottom_left",
                    header: "Email",
                    config: {
                        accounts: [
                                user: "",
                                password: "**********",
                                host: "",
                                port: 993,
                                tls: true,
                                authTimeout: 10000,
                                numberOfEmails: 5
    		    fade: true,
                        maxCharacters: 30

    I am not sure what is wrong. I am very green at this so I would not be surprised if it is something obvious… 🙂

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    John Williamson

  • Moderator

    There should be a comma after the ], if I’m not mistaken

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