Is a 4K MagicMirror possible?

  • I’ve done a lot of Googling on this topic but it doesn’t seem like anyone has documented this at all. What kind of hardware would be needed and does the MagicMirror software support 4K output?

    Thanks for the help!

  • Module Developer


    This is not a yes or no answer, but it may be related, as the Pi does output HDMI, as well as other boards.

    “Most mid- and high-end TVs are now Ultra HD resolution, with many also supporting HDR. Not surprisingly, cable manufacturers are jumping at the chance to sell new and more expensive “4K” HDMI cables. But guess what – you probably don’t need 4K HDMI cables, because your current ones can likely do 4K just fine.”

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    Impossible with rpi. But other sbc or pc might.

  • @Sean That’s what I figured. There are boards like Rock64 that support 4K output. Do you know how compatible MagicMirror is with such boards and if the MM software itself can output at 4K?

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    I didn’t test it. But Electron itself has ability of using 4k resolution if chromium supports it properly. However I can not confirm anything…
    For Magicmirror, its just html, so if electron and chromium(or any other webkit) could handle 4k, Mm could also.

  • @Sean

    Thanks for all the feedback on this. I noticed an earlier thread by you regarding MM on the Asus Tinker Board. How has that worked out for you after a few months?

    Based on what I’ve read, the Tinker Board supports 4K outputs but can only playback 4K video using their bundled program with hardware acceleration. Since MM is mostly static text and images, does that mean it can drive a 4K display?

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    As i know atb can handle only special video format as 4k. But frankly, I don’t need 4k for mm. And I have no 4k display to test. 4k display is too expensive for mm 🙂
    But I believe if Electron and webkit in device could handle 4k as output, mm could be displayed as 4k. I think there is no reason it coudn’t.

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    I’ve read Electron on windows 10 could hanlde 4k display, that means there is possibility for X-nix system also. You’d better ask to Electron expert communities about this.