3D printers.....

  • Not really an MM topic but I do use the printer to make spacers and such :)

    IF you are looking into a 3d printer be careful. The Maker Select [pretty good printer by the way] has a Melzi board in it… they tend to catch fire LOL Trust me just went through it…BUT no matter what you buy if it has a Melzi board make sure ->

    A. The heat bed does NOT cause it to overheat [which mine did]
    B. IF not sure buy a mosfet kit to take care of the problem …here’s a post:


    I ordered the new Melzi board and a mosfet and followed these directions…NO more problems and it runs so nice now :)

    Just an FYI.

    I also have a Reprap printer and I"m not impressed…That also needs a new board and I have NO clue what caused that so that’s been sitting almost 2 years…I’ll get to it sooner or later and update the RAMPS board in it and get that running too LOL

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