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Manage FritzDect over MMM-PIR Module

  • It would be great if it where possible to switch power state on AVM Fritz!Dect device in conjunction with wake up and power saving of the monitor (my mirror is placed in the corridor an I want to power on some lights over Fritz!Dect when motion is detected).
    Maybe it would be enough when I could trigger some scripts over MMM-PIR Module.

  • This doesn’t need to be the MM script.
    Use the awesome stuff from the crazy @cowboysdude
    He does a lot of useful stuff. So is his PIR script, which runs directly on the pi, without any MM issues.
    Working like a charm for me

    You only need something to trigger your Fritz!Dect plugs.

    Maybe you find something if you search for projects of reinventing Amazons Dash Buttons…

    i use some of them to

    • reboot the Pi (from MM)
    • Send some special command to my automatic lawn mover

    I read something the last days, that some uses a dash button to control a tp-link wlan plug. Maybe this is something where you can find some useful information

  • i tried to use the script, but in my case i have to call a shell script with arguments an that doesnt work.
    instead of
    i have to call
    “ 1 on”
    an that give everytem this error: 82: Syntax error: redirection unexpected

    I have no expierience with python scripting.
    Have anyone suggestions for an solution?

  • cant you just trigger another script when action is detected
    and it contains
    something like this

    sudo bash 1 on

    maybe that works

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