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Answering Questions

  • Hello,

    I have been here quite a few months now and on the whole I have been helped several times, so thanks very much to those who have helped me, it is very much appreciated, but mostly I just lurk and pick up various help off other posts.

    But on reading through a few posts here, there seems to be some sort of Alzheimer’s disease within many posts… and by that I mean being answered by people who have clearly forgot what this forum is all about, and that they too came to this forum as green as grass knowing nothing, and asked more or less the exact same questions that are being asked today.

    If these people were treated/spoken to, in the way they now treat/speak to people, then this forum may never have lasted?

    These people should simply not post anything if the only thing they have to offer is a sarcastic, or arrogant comment, that is not helpfull to the person asking the question. In my humble opinion, the only dumb question is the question not asked !

    Guys, we know there is a search function here, but sometimes the results do not procure the specific answer to their specific question, with their specific set up, and therefore asks on the forum for help… so if a newbie is asking a question that annoys you since it has been asked several times in the past, and quite possibly buried so deep in an unrelated post it is hard to find, then simply do not answer… its not hard to ignore eh?

    Forums only last if people find it a pleasant, happy, helpfull place, where they do not have to worry themselves about being barked at because someone is sick seeing a similar question being asked several times… It’s nice to be nice guys.

    Im also on another forum, and this notice is pinned right at the very top for everyone to see, and I see the very same questions being asked over, and over, and over… and not one of its members, old and new, have ever barked at the poster and told where the search box is, or to expand their knowledge by sourcing out the answer(s) themselves.
    This is, in my humble opinion, why its members are on the rise, and why they all come back time and time again to help out and also just to openly share hints and tips they have found, and also to pick up on the newer adds and updates… and it is really a nice friendly place to be in, and return to several times a day, even if I have nothing to ask about.

    !!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!!!
    The reason we started this group, was that i saw lack of respect for new members on other groups, and also people asking questions that have been asked before and told to use the search to questions that had been asked before. On here you can ask questions even if some one else has asked the same question before, help is always at hand if you need it.
    As with all groups we have to have a few rules with all that has happened recently, so its pretty easy, please read the pinned post picture and also there are some great links for you as well

    Now, if you take a deep breath, count to 10, and re-read this post one more time before letting off steam, you will see this is an observation, my observation and my opinion… this is not a rant, or debate, or getting at anyone in particular, just my own observation for veteren members to reflect upon, and maybe, just maybe, take on board the sentiments of that pinned post above, and keep this forum going, with vibrance, as well as enthusiastic compassion, and above all, to think back to the first day you came here knowing absolutely nothing about this project, JS, Linux, CSS, et al, and relied on the experts to guide you, not to push you away to the side to search out the answers yourself… as if that was the case then why are you here? why not just have one page with one title “SEARCH HERE FOR YOUR ANSWERS” ? … Sounds silly eh? But is it? Is’nt that what happens - often?

    Crude analogy — Checking into a hotel, having key thrown on counter and told to search out location of your room yourself, and carry your own luggage upstairs, and told where the kitchen is so you can make your own meals… Would you be keen to return to that hotel again?

    I love the MM concept, and know it has so much more future possibilites, and not just “This years new fad” that will soon be forgot about like a Windows phone… and where better than the only MM forum there is, to promote it to its best, buy encouraging its members to treat it as a club, and to come back to, time and time again, with enthusiasim, and to share ideas, and develop more and more and more?

    I took my time out to post my observations, through my compassion for MM, so please do not read into this for something that it’s not.


    The ball is now in your court guys.

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