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Run a script from a shortcut button on the mirror

  • I’m trying to figure out a way to run a script to reboot my raspberry pi with raspbian and magic mirror to two other OS’s that are installed, Kodi and Retropie. The scripts to mount and write the autoboot.txt to the noobs partition seem pretty simple. I just need a way for somebody who doesn’t know a much about computers to run them(the magic mirror is a christmas present for my Girl Friend). I thought some shortcut buttons on the magic mirror one for each of the other OS’s to run the scripts would work. I also thought there might be a way to do this through the remote control module. I searched the modules and this forum and nothing is popping out at me. Course I’m an amateur. Can anybody point me in the right direction ?

  • Bump to show I’m still interested. I wasn’t looking for somebody to do it for me but just some direction on how I might get this done in the simplest fashion possible.

  • And three years later doing maintenance on my GF mirror still dont know how to do this

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