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Module to display a local list?

  • Is there a module to display a list saved locally (or on dropbox)? A module to pull a .txt file or .json?

    I am using this for a shopping list using, I was using todoist but wanted more than one list displayed (and synced with amazon alexa).

    I tried mmm-backlog from but could not get it to work properly for my needs.

  • No one?
    I got mmm-backlog working but it breaks other modules and does not sow up in my remote module so I assume it is missing something.

    And I tried MMM-HTTPRequestDisplay but cant get it to pull from a local file.

    Here is my mmm-backlog module (renamed MMM-samslist)

    	defaults: {
    		title: 'List',
        		fileUrl: '',
    		units: config.units,
    		animationSpeed: 1000,
    		updateInterval: 360000, //update every hour
    		refreshInterval: 360000 , //refresh every minute		
    		timeFormat: config.timeFormat,
    		lang: config.language,
    		initialLoadDelay: 0, // 0 seconds delay
    		retryDelay: 2500,
    		//fileUrl: ""
    	// Define required scripts.
    	getScripts: function() {
    		return ["moment.js"];
    	// Define requird styles
    	getStyles: function() {
    		return ["font-awesome.css"];
    	start: function() {'Starting module: ' +;
    		this.loaded = false;
    		this.sendSocketNotification('CONFIG', this.config);
    	getDom: function() {
    		//var wrapper = document.createElement("ticker");
    		var wrapper = document.createElement("ticker");
        		wrapper.className = 'dimmed small';
        		var data = this.result;
        		var statElement =  document.createElement("header");
        		var title = this.config.title;
        		statElement.innerHTML = title;
    		if (!this.loaded) {
    			wrapper.innerHTML = this.translate('LOADING-Jason');
    			wrapper.className = "dimmed light small";
    			return wrapper;
    		if (! {
    			wrapper.innerHTML = "No data";
    			wrapper.className = "dimmed light small";
    			return wrapper;
    		var t =;
    		var content = document.createElement("div");
    		content.innerHTML = "";	
    		for (var i in t.datasequences) {
    			content.innerHTML += t.datasequences[i].title + "<br />";
    			//content.innerHTML += t.title  + " - " + t.datasequences[i].title + "<br />";
    			//for (var j in t.datasequences[i].datapoints) {
    			//	content.innerHTML += t.datasequences[i].datapoints[j].title + ": " + t.datasequences[i].datapoints[j].value + "<br />";
    		return wrapper;
     	socketNotificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
        		if (notification === "STARTED") {
    			else if (notification === "DATA") {
    				this.loaded = true;
    	/* processData(data)
    	 * Uses the received data to set the various values.
    	 * argument data object - tide information received form
    	processData: function(data) {
    		if (!data) {
    			// Did not receive usable new data.
    			// Maybe this needs a better check?
  = data;
    		this.loaded = true;

    and node_helper.js

    'use strict';
    const NodeHelper = require('node_helper');
    var request = require('request');
    module.exports = NodeHelper.create({
    	start: function() {
    		this.started = false;
    		this.config = null;
    	getData: function() {
    		var self = this;
    		var myUrl = this.config.fileUrl;
    			url: myUrl,
    			method: 'GET',
    		}, function (error, response, body) {
    			if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
    				self.sendSocketNotification("DATA", body);
    		setTimeout(function() { self.getData(); }, this.config.refreshInterval);
    	socketNotificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
    		var self = this;
    		if (notification === 'CONFIG' && self.started == false) {
    			self.config = payload;
    			self.sendSocketNotification("STARTED", true);
    			self.started = true;

  • Module Developer

    I think you can modify MMM-HTMLBox for your purpose. It can read local html file and show it on MM.

  • How do I get it to refresh? I added it to “refresh_interval_sec: 60,” but it does not seem to refresh. If I “Ctrl+R” i refreshes and shows changes.

    Other than that it works great!!!
    This is my test pi, the list from HTMLBox is in the upper right.

  • Module Developer

    You are right. I did some mistakes about refreshing. (I didn’t test it. sorry)
    I think it was caused by caching.
    You can made hot-fix about that.

    In line 58 of MMM-HTMLBox.js"GET", url, true)

    modify it like this;"GET", url + "?" +, true)

    I think it will work. sorry.

  • @Sean said in Module to display a local list?:“GET”, url + “?” +, true)

    I did this but no change, it still will not update…

  • Module Developer

    Weird. Is Your local file updated periodically? Can you show your config for this module?
    I’ve tested it now, and it works definitely.

  • Darn it, I was changing the update time in the module but not the config. It works now, thanks for all your help, this is a fantastic module!!!

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