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Where to buy cheap two way glass?

  • Hey all,

    I’m trying to build a magic mirror for my bathroom, about 27"x33" in size (the display will be a 21" monitor in one corner). I bought some glass samples a while back from, and was very happy with how it looked. Sold on the quality, I went to buy a mirror from them and found it was almost $500!!

    Are there any cheaper suppliers for two way glass in the US? I know acrylic and gila film are two alternatives, but I’d really like to get real glass if possible. Thanks.

    Edit - Just to add, I’d be willing to pay up to $300for a 27"x33" two way mirror. If no such supplier exists, though, I think I may have to start looking at alternatives. 😞

    Edit 2 - I remeasured my bathroom, and it turns out the mirror I need is a bit smaller than I thought, so I edited the above dimensions and estimated price. This is still outside my price range, so I’m hoping someone knows of a cheaper supplier.

  • Module Developer

    Check your local glass shops if they order glass from Pilkington ( and ask about pricing on Mirropane and Mirroview.

    Mirroview costs over here around 1100sek/sqm (thats about 130usd/sqm) but do note, that is just material costs, if you want it cut to shape, smoothed edges etc it will cost more.