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MMM-Wunderground - dates are off??

  • @RedNax (thanks for the module!)
    I found this about a week ago: the dates that MMM-Wunderground displays info for are a day behind:
    Notice how I took the screenshot on Wednesday (31 Aug), but the Wunderground forecast is for 11am, 5pm, 11pm, and then for Wednesday (ie Wunderground seems to think today is 30. Aug)??


    Anyway, here is my minimal config.js to reproduce:

    var config = {
            port: 8080,
            language: 'en',
            timeFormat: 24,
            units: 'imperial',
            modules: [
                            module: 'clock',
                            position: 'top_left'
                            }, // closes module alert
                            module: 'MMM-WunderGround',
                            position: 'top_right',
                            config: {
                                    apikey: 'xxxxxxxxxxx',
                                    pws: 'WA/Kirkland',
                                    lang: 'EN',
                                    fctext: '1',
                                    fcdaycount: "6",
                                    fcdaystart: "0",
                                    hourly: '1',
                                    hourlyinterval: "6",
                                    hourlycount: "1",
                                    alerttime: 10000,
                                    alerttruncatestring: "english:",
                                    fade: true
                            } // closes config
                            }, // closes module MMM-WunderGround
                            ] // closes MODULES
    /*************** DO NOT EDIT THE LINE BELOW ***************/
    if (typeof module !== 'undefined') {module.exports = config;}

    I’m slightly baffled. Thanks for any help

  • Module Developer

    @amanzimdwini The module will display the hourrly data of today. Then the ‘day’ data will also display the outlook for today…(even when it’s almost over) So details and a summary for today… There could be an option to offset the day part…

  • @RedNax
    Ahh - I guess that makes sense (kind of). Have to admit that I thought I remembered it did hourly for today; then daily for the next few days. I’ll look through the config to “remove” the daily forecast for today & post what I found.

  • @amanzimdwini said in MMM-Wunderground - dates are off??:

    Ahh - I guess that makes sense (kind of). Have to admit that I thought I remembered it did hourly for today; then daily for the next few days. I’ll look through the config to “remove” the daily forecast for today & post what I found.

    fcdaystart = "1"



  • Module Developer

    @amanzimdwini Does it make a difference in your forecast texts when you set fcdaystart = ‘1’?
    What you see should be the forecast text for the current conditions outside, no matter what day your forecasts start on.

  • @yo-less
    See my problem - I was getting the hourly forecasts for TODAY as well as the “daily” forecast for TODAY (which I considered superfluous). Setting fcdaystart=1 simply removes todays “daily” forecast & resulted exactly in what I wanted:
    today 3pm
    today 9pm
    tomorrow 3 am
    all day tomorrow
    all the day-after-tomorrow

    But tomorrow morning, I’ll see
    next day etc.

  • Module Developer

    @amanzimdwini I see your point, I changed the config to start with the forecast for tomorrow as well, for the same reasons. Then I realized that after midnight the forecasts for the new day would not be shown, which I didn’t like, because the hourly forecasts only showed 1am, 4am, 7am and 10am, so I messed around with the source code so that it normally starts its forecasts with the weather tomorrow but between midnight and sunrise it still shows the forecast for the new day that is now day 0. After sunrise the first day that is shown in the forecast table is the next day. Not sure if I’m making any sense here 😃

  • @yo-less
    Woah - THATs why I like Linux hackers… simple problem followed by a solution that is WAY OVER THE TOP (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). Now there are probably setting to determine when the new day will start / how many days in advance / how to deal with Daylight-savings time etc. And since you stay up longer on Fridays and Saturdays than on the other days, that is probably also taken care of. Come to think of it, maybe the facial recognition software will determine by your frown if the data are confusing or not and readjust 🙂

    Care to share what you “tweaked”? I love it!

  • Module Developer

    @amanzimdwini Don’t give me any ideas, I’m burning the midnight oil as it stands :D. But I guess it would be quite a feat if the mirror reacted to my moods as well.

    I do want to share my tweaks and modifications, at the same time I’m aware that they are extremely tailored to my needs and likes. That’s why I need to make them customizable before it makes sense to post them online. Otherwise, people will just come back to me asking me to change this and that again, because they like certain features but not others. What it all boils down to: I need to clean up my code and make it mergeable with the main branch of the project so that @RedNax can simply incorporate my changes into the main module. I’ve promised myself I would to that in the next few days. At the same time, he’s just introcduced a nice new layout option and I need to incorporate that into my code lines first. It’s an uphill battle :D.

    You can find my fork of the MMM-WunderGround module here, feel free to check its state again after the weekend. I will also pot any notice here, so maybe add the thread to your watchlist.

  • @yo-less 🙂
    Thx - will keep an eye out for things

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