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MMM-Todoist - Your todoist tasks on your mirror

  • Hi,

    I had the same problem, I don’t know if you’ve solved it yet but for me it turned out to be some simple mistakes.

    I thought I had followed the instructions to the letter, but actually at first I hadn’t cloned the module into the modules folder, just into the mirror folder. After cursing my own stupidity for that I carried on a while but still couldn’t get it working.

    I tried the tip for generating a new access token but that wasn’t it. I then realised that when I cloned the module (into the correct folder!) I missed the small but vital step of navigating into the new folder before carrying out npm install.

    I don’t know if any of you have made mistakes as daft as mine, but I finally got it working so thought I’d let you know.

    Hope it helps someone!

  • Yop,

    I’m looking to add the reminder and priority level (with an icon) Has anyone did something like that with this module ?

    in the fetcher i found where to add the var

    	 for (var i = 0; i < JSON.parse(body).items.length; i++) {
    		 if (JSON.parse(body).items[i].project_id == listID) {

    but i dont know how to use the answer

  • Yop,

    i did it 🙂

    0_1482838855804_Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 12.37.48.png

  • Thanks for this module. Dropped Wunderlist in favor of this via Alexa integration.

  • @tidus5 This looks awesome - how did you implement? I just got my basic Todoist module running today

  • Im having some issues with this module. When I add items to my todoist - it appears in the module, but when I mark them as completed , or they are deleted - the items dont come off the module - unless I add a new item onto the list. At that point, they disappear, and the new item gets added.

    Very odd.

    Ive raised it as an issue here:

    Any ideas why this might be?

  • @dinkybluebug245 hi i added this module , when i add a item with Alexa voice , it gets added to inbox i could not able to get lists: [ 1234567890 ] number from the url

  • @shashank click inbox instead of today

  • I wanted to try to fix this module, but I have found that using the .ical export from todoist works great with official calendar module, so…

  • Hi, all,

    Does anybody know how to sort this list? It adds new items at the bottom, so if there is no more room on the mirror, I can’t see them. I can’t figure out how to sort them on Todoist’s site easier, except alphabetically. I am using the “Alexa Shopping List” list in Todoist