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Sell MagicMirrors?

  • Hi Community,

    I want to ask, if it is possible to sell customized MagicMirrors to customers.
    I know, that its open source, but I dont know much about that.

    Maby you can help me with my question. I dont wonna get illegal 😃

    Thx and have a good day 🙂

  • I would say you shouldn’t do it. This is an open source community and you shouldn’t profit off of developers free contributions.

  • I totally agree. I only would sell my service to build the mirror. The parts would be bought by the people who want the mirror.

    I also would not sell the software.

    I wanna offer that for people who can’t build it by their own.

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    IIRC, @michmich looked into offering this as a commercial product and he ran into patent and licensing problems. The laws of your country may vary, but the short version is you can’t offer a magic mirror as a commercial product without involving lawyers and giving the patent holders some sort of payment.

    You may be able to make one for your friends as a favor, with them picking up the expense of the materials. But you won’t be able to turn this into a business without careful and professional legal advice.

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