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MagicMirror ready to boot Image

  • Greetings all,

    I’ve discovered MM recently and found it really cool.

    So I have setup an automated process to install it on top of a Raspbian image,
    including most tweaks found on your wikis and a bunch of third party modules.

    Suggestions & improvements very welcome.


  • Thank you very much Albert for taking the time to provide the image. I’m sure the start from scratch way is as simple as it looks but why reinvent the wheel…

    1. Successfully installed the image on the pi3
    2. First thing I was presented with was an out of date alert. pulled the missing files with no issues at all.
    3. Found the massive stash of pre-installed modules which is perfect great idea adding those!
    4. I had to kill the default calendar module as it was causing a error upon starting it up. (I’m not skilled enough so i just commented it out for now. i see others posting about having this issue so IMO its not related to your image).
    5. I got Samba access done (that config is mental to not be using an editor) i removed these just to keep it clean (idle3 java-common libreoffice* minecraft-pi scratch nuscratch python-minecraftpi python3-minecraftpi smartsim sonic-pi wolfram-engine). Now I’m just watching the upgrade & update. I maybe should have done this straight after the install but i didn’t want to spoil the image so made sure i had MM2 working first.

    I’m new to RPIs and Linux coding my only other project was Hyperion Ambilight on the RPI3/Arduino (maybe a big challenge for someone who never even herd of a rpi before lol) so i had some foundation to start this.

    The only place i felt unsure was what to do once i had installed the image. Id expect most to get lost here if they are a total beginner. so with beginners in mind the only suggestion id make is bridging the gap from successful install to first time editing the config. BUT just looking over the forum answers 99% of the questions… i see most here just post questions to save them looking.

    thanks again hoping my notes offer some useful feedback. I’ll add again as i get further along… have a great weekend!

  • Great idea 🙂

    I installed your image just for fun and it works like u described.

    As goonerbeatyaa said before the first time i start the MM it shows me, that it isn’t up to date (86 commits behind actual version). On your website u said it is automatically fetching the actual version every sunday. That seems not working ???

    Anyhow, i went to the MagicMirror folder and did the update automatically (git pull && npm install). That works without issues and i got an up to date MagicMirror with small effort.
    Great idea so i just wanted to pay homage to you 😃

  • @cruunnerr
    hey was thinking this might also be useful for you… i also did some of the other relevent sections above it.


  • Just downloaded your file, unpackaged it and transferred it to a 16GB memory card. Plugged it into the Pi and got a Kernal error! No idea if its something I have done but hoped that you could take a look?

    Google Drive Image

  • Hi, thanks for this!
    Is it possible to integrate Home Assistant or Domoticz on the same pi? If yes, how?

  • alt text

    OS is not going to boot only in Raspberry pi 3 B+ model
    Please anyone help me to fix this problem.

  • @amsuvarna27 can u explain more?

    U downloaded raspian image on windows
    And used some tool to put that into an SD card (etcher is a tool)

    Then what happens?

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