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Magic Mirror for Boutique Store...

  • Hello-
    I probably know the least about technology and programming out of everyone in this forum 😞 However, I have a small boutique store in Northern Michigan and am fascinated by technology in the retail world. I have read lots of articles about giant retailers now having magic mirrors in their stores for customers to virtually try on items!! I love this idea and am trying to figure out how I can make this come to life for my store! The company I ran across that makes them is called Memo Mi, but I think it will be years before this technology makes its way to use some stores! I have read some articles about using an X Box kinnect to create sort of a virtual fitting room. But then I ran across this forum and have been fascinated reading all of the ideas and technology involved. I know absolutely zero about programming, but am hoping there might be someone out there intrigued by my idea that would be willing to help guide me through the process to see if this could work! Let me know what you guys think of my ambitious dream!

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    I think it’s definitely an ambitious dream! At the present time, the virtual fitting rooms are professional products sold to corporate clients. I’m not aware of anyone making a hobbyist version of the software to place images on top of reflections. I believe the closest thing we have around here to a commercial devices is one guy made a photo booth and he did a lot of the coding himself.

    Don’t get discouraged! It’s not an impossible dream. Just understand that there are challenges. Around here, we can definitely help you with construction tips, parts sourcing and test & tuning. And you might find a genius looking for a challenge.

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