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Calender module shows the wrong local time

  • I am using the default calendar module, and have adjusted it to my country (Singapore). However the dates are correct but the time is wrong (instead of 15:00, it shows 19:00) it seems to be still on US time, any way to change the time under the calendar module or to switch it off ?

  • Module Developer

    You have to set the time in the system, the mirror (and with it the modules) gets the time from there.
    Are you using a Raspberry Pi? Go to settings or enter sudo raspi-config in the console and check if the time zone is correct.

  • My PI time setting is correct, and it shows the correct time in the time module at the MagicMirror as well. Its only the calendar module that shows the incorrect time hence I have two different times shown on the MM.

  • Module Developer

    Might be the calendar’s settings, then. Google calendar?

  • Oh man, I think the mystery is solved !
    Its not actually the present time, its probably the time of the sunset :-0
    sorry for the confusion, but I am still releaved to have one problem less !!!
    Thanks for your support and suggestions which led me to the right conclusion.

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