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Please read the release notes carefully since this update requires adjustments to your Raspberry Pi configuration!

Show a picture infont of everything with a button

  • I want a button connected to my RPI gpio I can turn on and then a picture is shown.

    PLZ help me out!

  • For the first part you’re probably looking for MMM-Button:
    And I think there are several modules to show an image.

  • Can someone PLZ code it for me? I only do some HTML and CSS…

    I want to show a picture infront of my magicmirror while their still loading in the background…

    1. push once- a picture is shown over the screen
    2. push once again, the picture goes away

  • Did you check MMM-Button and do you want to use it? Is the button already connected?


    show a picture infront of my magicmirror while their still loading in the background…

    While what is loading in the background? I see two different things and demands here:
    a) image goes on or off on button press
    b) mirror starts with image and when everything is loaded, the image goes away

  • @doubleT
    I have everything i need:) just not the code/module:/

    i want the: A

  • Ok, I wrote something that couldshould … I expect to be working with MMM-Button. At the moment I don’t have a button to test it with. I’ll try to get some testing done next weekend.

    Check the readme and the guide to get it running. Let me know if it works. 😉

  • @doubleT
    I dont feel the MMM-Button is giving some info… i copy paste the config fron readme, dont work…

  • You can check if MMM-Button works by checking the console (not the browser console but where you type in the command to start the MM), it should write "button pressed" when you use the button.

    In my JS file, add a"notification: " + notification + "; payload: " + payload + "; sender: " + sender); in line 26 and see if it comes up and what it shows.

    You can check if the cover works by using the developer tools, finding the module and adding the class show-image.