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Calendar and Newsfeed stop Updating after 1-2 hours

  • My Magic Mirror works and runs the default calendar, weather, and newsfeed modules as well as MMM-Cryptocurrency. I did the config check and it came back with proper syntax. Overall, everything works well, but I’ve noticed that my claendar stops updating after 1-2 hours and that my newsfeed also stops updating. I linked to an iCal URL. If I make a change to the calendar using another device, the changes will update on the Magic Mirror, but after MagicMirror has run for an hour or so it stops reflecting the changes. I left my MagicMirror running for a week and events that were 5-6 days ago were listed as occurring tomorrow.

    It also was running the previous weeks’ headlines. I’m not sure if they’re doing the same thing as the calendar and updating for 1-2 hours, then stopping, or if they just do an initial load and never update.

    The MMM-Cryptocurrency and weather modules do update appropriately. If I close and restart MagicMirror everything starts off up to date and then after an hour or two it appears the calendar and newsfeed stop updating.

    I’m sure there’s a smart way to look in a logfile and see what’s going on, but I didn’t see anything obvious. I checked the messages when I quit the Magic Mirror application, and I also browsed through the logfiles under ~/Pi/.rpi/logs/. Nothing jumped out at me, but I’m more or less self taught on Linux and have no real idea what I’m doing. Any help is appreciated.

  • @osoWP95

    If you’re using pm2, you can use pm2 logs to view the server logs (or view them directly in ~/.pm2/logs).

    You can also use npm start dev to start in dev mode and see the browser (client) console (be sure to stop the PM2 process first, e.g. pm2 stop mm).

  • Not sure if this applies to you, but I had problems with updating the calendar. Turns out I had to change the wifi channel ->

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