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Question to MMM-Swipe (Simon089) and MMM-Pages and MMM-page-indicator

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    i installed following modules

    • MMM-Swipe (Simon089)
    • MMM-Pages
    • MMM-page-indicator

    and wired my 2x HC-SR04 Sensors a suggested and have following questions.

    Movement will be recognized, but not reliable, i already change some settings (leftDistance, rightDistance, maxDistance) and used the calibrate mode but i am not satisfied.

    Is there a suggested distance between (not distance from sensor to hand) right and left HC-SR04 i should use, to make them work better?

    I tried this modul on my “Lab” RPI1, is it possible this pi has to less power/ressource to calculate accurate?

    I also have a RPI3 for my final mirror, but testing will either been done in a ubuntu VM or on the RPI1 if i have to use the GPIOs.

    I am looking forward hearing from you.



  • AxLed, I’m curious, did you ever get swipe to work for you?

  • Module Developer


    No, it never worked satisfieing for me. Thats the reason i wrote the MMM-Navigate Module for using a rotary encoder for interaction with mm.

  • I will try that now. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

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