Volume Control

  • I’ve added a rotary encoder to the mirror frame to be able to control the system volume on my pi. This is working well based upon the instructions found here: https://gist.github.com/savetheclocktower/9b5f67c20f6c04e65ed88f2e594d43c1

    What i’d ideally like to do is to create a volume level module that will show a graphic on screen showing if the volume is muted, louder or quieter when the encoder is turned or clicked for a few seconds then fade and disappear until it is changed again.

    I’ve dabbled with coding in the past and im not afraid of giving it a go (i’ve created a very basic savings module for myself) but is someone able to tell me if this is possible and the best way to go about starting this?

    I feel i’d be fine creating a module that would show when the encoder is turned and hide after a timeout period but i’m unsure how to get the change registered at system level for the change in volume the way the daemon does it above.

    Any pointers would be great!

  • For anyone searching for this at a later date I managed to get it working using a sysvol npm. At the moment the module hides and shows based upon if the volume level has changed but I may trigger this through input from the rotary encoder itself.

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