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MMM-PublicTransportHafas – Public transport information for all stations known to Deutsche Bahn

  • Module Developer


    I just finished my latest module. It can be used to display departures from a station near you.

    The module uses data from the HAFAS system which is fed by nearly all transportation providers in Germany. Most providers even provide real time information on the departures. As far as I know and read this system is used also in many other European countries especially Switzerland and Austria. So give it a try if you located there.

    It is possible to use this module to display local transport departures like tram or bus or regional and national transport departures.


    departures from Leipzig Main Station

    regional and national departures from Leipzig Main Station


  • Module Developer

    It is now possible to display the departure time in absolute (like 18:02+3) or relative (in 7 minutes) format via showAbsoluteTime. Furthermore you can reorder the columnOrder via tableHeaderOrder;

    Leuschner Platz, Leipzig (displaying departure times in relative format and reordered columns)

  • Hi! Great module. There seems to be a problem with the output (product type “RB” twice). Perhaps you can check that:
    0_1519065090416_Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-19 um 19.29.00.png

  • Module Developer

    @djsunrise19 Can you please open an issue in the GitHub repository and provide there information on your used stationID?

  • @raywo Done!

    Another topic is your reference to query_stations.js. In your readme you’re talking about the query_station.js ;).

  • Hi,
    unfortunately I have some problems with the module. When my MM started, the module will not be loaded. There is only the message “Loading…”. Other modules will be loaded.

    I configured the module as follows.

      module: "MMM-PublicTransportHafas",
      position: "bottom_left",
      config: {
        stationID: "008000152",                   // Replace with your stationID!
        stationName: "Hannover Hbf",   // Replace with your station name!
        direction: "",                    // Show only departures heading to this station. (A station ID.)
        ignoredLines: [],                 // Which lines should be ignored? (comma-separated list of line names)
        excludedTransportationTypes: [],  // Which transportation types should not be shown on the mirror? (comma-separated list of types) possible values: StN for tram, BuN for bus, s for suburban
        timeToStation: 10,                // How long do you need to walk to the next Station?
        timeToStation: 60,
        timeInFuture: 10,                 // Show departures for the next *timeInFuture* minutes.
        showColoredLineSymbols: false,     // Want colored line symbols?
        useColorForRealtimeInfo: true,    // Want colored real time information (timeToStation, early)?
        showTableHeadersAsSymbols: true,  // Table Headers as symbols or text?
        maxUnreachableDepartures: 3,      // How many unreachable departures should be shown?
        maxReachableDepartures: 7,        // How many reachable departures should be shown?
        customLineStyles: "leipzig",      // Prefix for the name of the custom css file. ex: Leipzig-lines.css (case sensitive)
        showOnlyLineNumbers: false        // Display only the line number instead of the complete name, i. e. "11" instead of "STR 11"

    I would be really grateful, if you could help me.

    Thank you.

  • Module Developer

    @Klinge The problem lies in your settings. First you listed timeToStation twice. The last setting will apply which is 60. Next you state that you only want to see departures within the next 10 minutes (timeInFuture). That will lead to only unreachable departures. Of course it is a bug that the module crashes. I will fix that with the next update.

    But for now you can bring your mirror to work if you set timeInFuture to a higher value. Maybe you should use 60. That way the module has enough departures to choose from.

  • Damn it! So a Layer 8 problem 😉 Now it works. Thank you, for your quick help.

  • Module Developer

    @Klinge There is now also an update available which will prevent this “layer 8 problem“. 😉

  • @raywo In my config i set maxUnreachableDepartures: 2,, timeToStation: 15, and timeInFuture: 90, . This morning (8:00 o’clock) there were two trains within maxUnreachableDepartures. 7:54 +0, and 8:05 +2. I think the 7:54 shouldn’t be there. Yes, the train is unreachable (15), but he is gone already :).

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