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Kalliope assistant + MM

  • Hello, just a little post to introduce a module that allow you to link Kalliope project with MM.

    The module allows you to see on the screen what the assistant say or control your MM by sending notification from Kalliope.

    A little demo:!

    A couple links:

  • I really like the look and feel to this, at least from your video. But I think we would need a complete walk-through to install this. In addition, would be good to know the performance for RPi3’s.

    Is there any complete installation docs somewhere?

  • The complete installation doc of Kalliope is on the fist link.
    You can use the pre compiled image for Rpi.

    And about perf, I run both project on the same Pi without any issue.

    Give a try. Kalliope wont disappoint you.
    And don’t forget to come on the gitter chat if you need direct assistance.

  • @sispheor Sorry, but I would never use a pre-compiled image of anything. It just doesn’t make sense. Most people already has a bunch of stuff installed that they don’t want to loose.

    So from what I understand from your github comment, we need to install at least 3 separate Kalliope things in order to use it. Now, that’s quite a bunch of work, and a lot of separate reading. It would be great to have all steps in one place.

    No, I don’t want to sound pessimistic or anything, but I believe in trying to keep basic installation info in one place. I’m so sick of dealing with the lack of documentation and easy to follow instructions for 99% of what you find on github. Those things alone can be total project killers.

    KISS principle! (At least to get up and running.)

  • As Kalliope is a complete separate project, yes it has its own installation process. But il you take a look to the manual install doc it’s not a big deal.

    I don’t know what you mean by having all info in one place. MM has is installation doc in one place, and modules have their own doc per module.

    It’s exactly the same for Kalliope. You need to install the core project and then module (neuron).

    Don’t hesitate to tell me if something is missing.

  • @sispheor

    I don’t know what you mean by having all info in one place

    What I mean is:

    People already has MM installed, so they go to MMM-kalliope in hope to just get it working/installed, but instead just find:

    Module to bind Kalliope with your Magic Mirror.

    Note: On Kalliope, a neuron is available to talk with this module directly.

    Huh!? WTF is a neuron!? What is that? Well…ok.

    So they go to kalliope_neuron_magic_mirror and find the same screenshot there…but still no installation info to follow. Eh, what does this do, and why is not just part of the MMM? Circular back link to MMM-kalliope, since there is no ref link back to main kalliope.

    By this time I’m already annoyed, but try to persist and follow:

    Kalliope installation documentation

    Then … I have to follow the next link:

    Please follow the right link bellow to install requirements depending on your target environment:
    Raspbian (Raspberry Pi 2 & 3)

    and the next one…and now I’m totally sick of shitty instructions. And whatever was good, I’ve already forgotten.

    One page please!?

    I think it should be simple enough for you guys to do, especially for simple unified devices like the RPi’s, where everyone is pretty much running the same stuff.

  • A hot KISS tip for writing any kind of SW installation documentation:

    • Ask your girlfriend, boyfriend or 9 year old kid, who has not used it before to follow it.

    Could they complete it within 1 hour?

    No? - Then it’s shit written documentation.

  • I just want to inform the rest of the forum members, that in case you think I come across as a bit hardass here, I’m in good contact with @sispheor who I think understand now, what the problems are.

    What are they?

    • How to make great project modules more reachable outside the developer expert community!
    • Everyone want to talk to their computers, Google, Alexa, Siri, Jarvis, AI-this-that-and-what-not!

  • We have added a single line command install for Kalliope.

    Tested on a single Raspberry Pi, both project fit perfectly and the whole can be installed in two command line.

    Thanks for your feedback !

  • @sispheor said in Kalliope assistant + MM:

    We have added a single line command install for Kalliope.

    Is it for the MMM-kalliope?

    Fantastic! Sound like music to our ears!

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