MagicMirror² v2.6.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.

MagicMirror 150x70x2.5 Slim

  • This looks fantastic! Congratulations.
    I’m thinking about making my own magic mirror too and I’ve found BENQ GL2450 monitor and relatively cheap price.

    However, I have a question that I hope you can give me a few pointers on. How did you manage to get the big backside of the mirror to be so slim? The monitor itself has a large panel in the back, how did you place the back panel boards to make it this slim?

    Hope you can help me out by answering. A picture of the backside of the panel would be awesome, if you can take one.

  • Excellent work. I’m still nervous about the mirror tape adhesive, but to my knowledge nobody has had a problem with the frameless mirrors.

    It looks great!

  • a quick question…if it’s used in the bathroom, does it need to be waterproofed? Wouldn’t the inside fog up if you’re taking a hot shower?

    @bhepler if it’s not a big mirror, adhesive wouldn’t be a big problem unless you live in a place with lots of vibration going on. also it should always be supported at the bottom because just because the adhesive can withstand pulling force, it’s often the downward sliding force of gravity that makes it drop.

  • Hi all,

    sorry for my late response. I was quite busy during the last weeks.

    @Snowflake: You can completely disassamble the monitor. The connectors are long enough so that I could mount everything on the backside of the wall. It would also be possible to replace the cables and use longer ones I think. Attached a quick shot. Quick an dirty right now 😃

    @albertlwj: I don´t know the size of your bathroom. We do not have problems with fog maybe also due to our ventilation system. There is also not much space between wall and mirror so that it is very unlikely that water ever will be a problem.

    @bhepler: The tape shouldn´t be a problem (see the comment section in my first post 🙂 )


  • Module Developer

    @albertlwj liquid nails… not only waterproof, but a great sealer and will hold just about anything if you let it cure long enough. I always double or triple what the directions say… ie: if says to allow to cure for 24 hours, I would most likely give it 72 hours. Also a good seal has no gaps in the glue strip. And most likely, the heat of the monitor will keep the mirror from fogging over.